What is AI and what is Machine Learning? 
Statistics quantifies numbers in probabilities
Data Mining explains patterns using Statistics
Machine Learning predicts with Data Mining models
Artificial Intelligence (AI) taught machine behaves and reasons using Machine Learning’s output

Example 1:
One day the CEO ask the HR Director: What makes a good employee becomes bad? 
To answer the question, most HR Department will conduct exit interviews and try to find out the answer, but smart employees who knows not to burn any bridges will not tell the truth. 
However, data doesn't lie. For this particular example, Machine Learning comes up with a decision tree that how this particular company created bad employees. 
  1. wage increase of the first year is less than 2.5%
  2. less than 10 holidays a year
Try to input the following and Test the Machine Learning Power:
Scenario 1:
  1. Wage-Increase-First-Year is  2.5%
  2. 10  Statutory-Holidays a year
Scenario 2:
  1. Wage-Increase-First-Year is  2.6%
  2. 11  Statutory-Holidays a year


Example 2:
A Medical researcher is working on a project to look for those who are more likely to get diabetes. What are the attributes for this group of people? Using Machine Learning technology we can easily come up with those attributes and the respective probabilities. 


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